Getting to Know The Surga, Bali Villa Wedding On  The Bukit Peninsula

Getting to Know The Surga, Bali Villa Wedding On The Bukit Peninsula

Talking about Bali, what comes to the listener’s mind is its natural beauty. From a wide stretch of beautiful beaches to stunning cliff tops, you can find everything on this Heavenly island. It is not uncommon for many travelers to choose Bali as their wedding destination. If you are one of them, let’s check out The Surga, the location of the Bali Villa Wedding which is on the highlands of the Peninsula hills.

Tying Holy Promises In The Surga

Of the many locations to get married, The Surga is a Villa estate that offers a number of advantages for weddings. Starting from the location of the villa on the highlands of the Peninsula to luxurious facilities. This villa provides exclusive access to a private beach, a charming hilltop wedding venue and a modern design accommodation building. Even The Surga also opens other event services, such as birthdays or office events.

Charming Location With Stunning Natural Beauty

Bukit Peninsula Uluwatu is one of the highland areas in the southern part of the island of Bali. In this area, there are various kinds of famous tourist attractions consisting of white sand beaches to traditional temples. One of the highlights of the Peninsula hills is the ocean view and sunsets for the stunning Bali Villa Wedding. Not only that, the towering cliffs are a sight that is no less stunning.

Villa with Luxury Facilities

One thing that is proud of and is vital in a wedding event is the facility. In this sense, villa The Surga has an accommodation that is no less stunning than the location. In this accommodation there is a swimming pool, tennis court, SPA facilities, to an outdoor cinema. Not only that, there are also indoor facilities that are no less interesting, such as a gym, media room, children’s play room, luxury library, and many others.

Wedding Locations With Large Capacity

You don’t have to worry about the accommodation capacity of this villa. The Surga consists of two locations, namely Surga villa one and Surga villa two. The first villa has a capacity of 5 bedrooms with one separate master bedroom. While the second villa has 13 total rooms available for rent. For Bali Villa Weddings, The Surga also has outdoor and indoor locations that can accommodate up to 200 guests in total.


That is a glimpse of information about The Surga. As one of the top class accommodations in Bali, the Surga offers a wide range of services and locations suitable for weddings. Its location on the upland hillside of the Peninsula provides exclusive access to a private beach, stunning backdrops and upscale amenities. So what are you waiting for, if you are looking for a wedding location, please call and order The Surga as soon as possible.